Rownacur's 'Eye Light' at the Dhaka International Film Festival

  • 23 Nov
  • 03:36 PM

23 Nov, 21

Young filmmaker Rownacur Salehyn's 'Eye Light' is going to be represented in the short and independent category at the 2022 Dhaka International Film Festival.

The biggest film festival of Bangladesh, Dhaka International Film Festival 2022 is going to be held from 15th to 23rd of January 2022.

The main attraction of this festival is the presence of high quality films, foreign filmmakers and film activists. Besides famous and aesthetic film makers of our country, film artists also participate in this festival.

About the movie 'Chokh Bati', Rownacur Salehyn said, 'Chokh Bati' is a short film which will be represented in the short and independent category in 2022. Although the length of the film is 4 minutes and 23 seconds, an attempt has been made to present the story beautifully.

He added that it took about 40 days to make the film. In this film, there were 25 people working behind the camera, who created small visual scenes through different props according to the story. The film direction was given in video calls, at pandemic time by the director. The film did not have a specific location, nor did it have a specific light department or a production crew member.

Building a different genre , Rownacur hopes people will like the film.